Gideon Haigh
Gideon Haigh

Gideon Haigh has worked as a journalist for the Bulletin, the Guardian, the Australian, the Times and the Monthly. As an author he has written books on business, including Quarterly Essay 10: Bad Company – The Cult of the CEOThe Battle for BHP and One of a Kind: The Story of Bankers Trust Australia 1969–1999, and on cricket: Silent RevolutionsGame for AnythingThe Green and Golden Age.

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Quarterly Essay 10: Bad Company
The cult of the CEO

In Bad Company Gideon Haigh scrutinises the way we have turned CEOs into tin gods. In a tough-minded, vigorous demolition job on the culture that produced the cult of the CEO, Haigh writes a mini-history of business and shows how the classic traditions of capitalism are mocked by the managerialism of the present.