Raimond Gaita is professor of moral philosophy at King’s College, University of London and foundation professor of philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. In 2007, his award-winning memoir Romulus, My Father was turned into a feature film starring Eric Bana and Franka Potente. His other books include Good and Evil: An Absolute ConceptionA Common HumanityThe Philosopher’s DogWhy the War Was Wrong (as editor and contributor) and Quarterly Essay 16: Breach of Trust – Truth, Morality and Politics.


Raimond Gaita confronts essential questions about politics as it is practised today.
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I felt heartened and enormously stimulated by Raymond Gaita's words, as much by the extraordinary eloquence and clarity of the argument ... as I was by the revolutionary nature of what I took to be the main point: namely, that we are, as a culture and therefore as individuals, being asked for the first time whether we are willing to consent to the use of torture, and therefore to become complicit in the practice of evil on our behalf.

Alex Miller

Breach of Trust is a discussion a genuine democracy with accountable government needs to have.

Paul Bongiorno

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