David Malouf is one of Australia’s most celebrated writers. He is the author of poems, fiction, libretti and essays. In 1996, his novel Remembering Babylon was awarded the first International IMPAC Dublin Liter­ary Award. His 1998 Boyer Lectures were published as A Spirit of Play: The Making of Australian Consciousness. In 2000 he was selected as the sixteenth Neustadt Lau­reate. His most recent novel is Ransom.


In The Happy Life David Malouf returns to one of the most fundamental questions and gives it a modern twist: what makes for a happy life?
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The Happy Life brilliantly provokes thought and invites debate. David Malouf makes a fascinating and valuable contribution to that essential precondition of happiness: namely, the task of understanding what it is.

AC Grayling

A poised and deeply humane essay, beautifully written and carefully argued.

The Australian

An intricate argument, full of unexpected segues and apercus, a rewarding reflection on human restlessness and the need for limits.

Fiona Capp, The Age

Entertaining and insightful.

Sydney Morning Herald

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