Anna Goldsworthy is the author of Piano Lessons and Welcome To Your New Life. Her writing has appeared in the Monthly, the Age, the Australian, the Adelaide Review and The Best Australian Essays. She is also a concert pianist, with several recordings to her name.


Anna Goldsworthy examines life for women after the gains made by feminism, what are young women being told about work and equality, about sex and their bodies? With piercing insight and sharp humour, she lays bare the dilemmas of being female today and asks how women can truly become free subjects.
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Goldsworthy is a lovely writer: sly-witted, forensic and alive to the suppleness of language. This is an important exercise in joining the dots, showing how seemingly isolated incidents are shaped by the wider culture.

Suzy Freeman-Greene, Sydney Morning Herald

In an essay that is as timely as it is thoughtful, Anna Goldsworthy poses the question, what are our daughters learning from the way we treat our former Prime Minister? Surely they are learning that if a woman is in a position of power she will be attacked more personally and vigorously than if a man held the same position. In this thorough and intelligent essay. Goldsworthy looks at cultural norms, pornography, body shaming and celebrity to find out why this is so. A must read for women, men and their sons and daughters.

Krissy Kneen, Avid Reader

To me, Unfinished Business is a plea for more nuanced thinking, a plea for more civil and generous debates, and a plea for accommodating more shades of grey (in a non-E.L. James sense).

Patrick Allington, Adelaide Review

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