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An Aboriginal activist and respected community leader, Noel Pearson came from the Guugu Yimithirr Aboriginal community at Hope Vale, a Lutheran Mission on Cape York Peninsula. He graduated with an honours degree in history from the University of Sydney. Pearson completed a law degree in 1993. In 1990 Pearson co-founded the Cape York Land Council where he was Executive Director until he resigned in 1996. He continues to advise a number of Indigenous organisations in Cape York, and advocates self-determination and land rights for Indigenous people.


The nation has unfinished business. After more than two centuries, can a rightful place be found for Australia’s original peoples?
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Noel Pearson’s searing Quarterly Essay is a watershed moment for this country, a call for us to deal with unfinished business that tarnishes our nation … a landmark essay

Patricia Karvelas, The Australian

Clarity, goodwill, flexibility and realism ... Noel Pearson offers them in abundance.

Paul Kelly

A Rightful Place is an admirable addition to the Pearson oeuvre – intellectually braceing and cogently argued.

Henry Reynolds

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