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  1. Quarry Vision - Sources

    ... sector accounted for 12.9 per cent of GDP, including mining (coal, oil and gas, metal-ore mining, other mining, services to mining) and ... China the world’s largest coal consumer” in “Rudd’s Climate Warning,” The Australian , 12 April 2008. “enthusiastically ... are predominantly responsible for the rise”: see Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report, Summary for Policymakers , United Nations ... 2009, Turnbull said: “The Coalition’s position on this issue [climate change and emissions trading] is very well known – it’s the ... Treasury. “twice as large as the EU’s by 2020”: “End the economic mismanagement of the national interest,” media release by ... James and Anniek Hansen,” 29 December 2008, op. cit. Quarry Vision - Sources ...