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Hugh White
Hugh White

Hugh White is the author of The China Choice: Why America Should Share Power and Quarterly Essay 39, Power Shift: Australia’s Future between Washington and Beijing.

He is a professor of strategic studies at ANU and a visiting fellow at the Lowy Institute. He has been an intelligence analyst with the Office of National Assessments, a journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald, a senior adviser to Defence Minister Kim Beazley and Prime Minister Bob Hawke, and a senior official in the Department of Defence, where from 1995 to 2000 he was deputy secretary for strategy and intelligence and a co-author of Australia’s Defence White Paper 2000.

By the author

Our region is experiencing a momentous transition. The US-led order is fading, and China has become ever more powerful. Today the question we face is not whether we fancy living in an Asia in which power is shared between the United States and China. It is how we feel about living in an Asia in which America no longer plays any significant strategic role.

Quarterly Essay 39: Power Shift
Australia's future between Washington and Beijing

In Power Shift, Hugh White considers Australia's future between Beijing and Washington. As the power balance shifts, and China's influence grows, what might this mean for our nation?