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Quarterly Essay 93: Don Watson on the US election
QE95 - September 2024

QE93 - March 2024
Peter Dutton's Strongman Politics

QE92 - November 2023
Australia's Housing Mess and How to Fix It

QE91 - September 2023
Disability, Humanity and the NDIS

QE90 - June 2023
On Recognition and Renewal

QE89 - March 2023
Electrification and Community Renewal

QE88 - November 2022
Albanese and the New Politics

Cover of Uncivil Wars: How Contempt Is Corroding Democracy by Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens.
QE87 - September 2022
How Contempt Is Corroding Democracy

Sleepwalk to War Quarterly Essay 86
QE86 - June 2022
Australia’s Unthinking Alliance with America

QE85 Sarah Krasnostein Not waving, Drowning, cover image
QE85 - March 2022
Mental Illness and Vulnerability in Australia

QE84 The Reckoning, cover image
QE84 - November 2021
How #MeToo is Changing Australia

QE83 Top Blokes cover image
QE83 - September 2021
The Larrikin Myth, Class and Power

QE82 Exit Strategy cover image
QE82 - June 2021
Politics After the Pandemic

QE81 Getting to Zero cover image
QE81 - March 2021
Australia’s Energy Transition

Cover of The High Road
QE80 - November 2020
What Australia Can Learn from New Zealand

Cover of Quarterly Essay 79 by Katharine Murphy
QE79 - September 2020
Scott Morrison and Pandemic Politics

Cover of Quarterly Essay 78 – The Coal Curse
QE78 - June 2020
Resources, Climate and Australia’s Future

Cry Me a River Subtitle The Tragedy of the Murray–Darling Basin
QE77 - March 2020
The Tragedy of the Murray–Darling Basin

Image of cover of Quarterly Essay 76
QE76 - November 2019
Waking Up to China’s Challenge

Cover of Quarterly Essay 75 by Annabel Crabb
QE75 - September 2019
Australia’s Parenthood Trap

Cover of Quarterly Essay QE74
QE74 - June 2019
How Scott Morrison won and Bill Shorten lost

QE73 - March 2019
Listening to the Nation

QE72 - November 2018
The Inner Life in the Digital Age

Quarterly Essay 71 book cover
QE71 - September 2018
Democracy and the Rise of the Strongman

QE70 - June 2018
How Neoliberalism Ate Itself and What Comes Next

QE69 - March 2018
History and Australia’s Future

QE68 - November 2017
Australia in the New Asia

QE67 - September 2017
Equality, Acceptance and the Safe Schools Scandal

QE66 - June 2017
Coal, Coral and Australia's Climate Deadlock

The White Queen: One Nation and the Politics of Race by David Marr
QE65 - March 2017
One Nation and the Politics of Race

QE64 - November 2016
Blood, History and Becoming

Enemy Within: American Politics in the Time of Trump
QE63 - September 2016
American Politics in the Time of Trump

QE62 - June 2016
Australia's Path to War

Quarterly Essay 61: Balancing Act
QE61 - February 2016
Australia Between Recession and Renewal

Political Amnesia: Laura Tingle
QE60 - December 2015
How We Forgot How To Govern

Quarterly Essay 59: Faction Man
QE59 - September 2015
Bill Shorten's Path to Power

Quarterly Essay 58: Blood Year
QE58 - May 2015
Terror and the Islamic State

Quarterly Essay 57: Dear Life
QE57 - March 2015
On caring for the elderly

Quarterly Essay 56: Clivosaurus
QE56 - November 2014
The politics of Clive Palmer

Quarterly Essay 55: A Rightful Place
QE55 - September 2014
Race, recognition and a more complete commonwealth

Quarterly Essay 54: Dragon's Tail
QE54 - June 2014
The lucky country after the China boom

Quarterly Essay 53: That Sinking Feeling
QE53 - March 2014
Asylum seekers and the search for the Indonesian solution

Quarterly Essay 52: Found in Translation
QE52 - November 2013
In praise of a plural world

Quarterly Essay 51: The Prince
QE51 - September 2013
Faith, abuse and George Pell

Quarterly Essay 50: Unfinished Business
QE50 - June 2013
Sex, freedom and misogyny

Quarterly Essay 49: Not Dead Yet
QE49 - March 2013
Labor's post-Left future

Quarterly Essay 48: After the Future
QE48 - November 2012
Australia's new extinction crisis

Quarterly Essay 47: Political Animal
QE47 - September 2012
The making of Tony Abbott

Quarterly Essay 45: Great Expectations
QE46 - June 2012
Government, entitlement and an angry nation

Quarterly Essay 45: Us and Them
QE45 - March 2012
On the importance of animals

Quarterly Essay 44: Man-Made World
QE44 - November 2011
Choosing between progress and planet

Quarterly Essay 43: Bad News
QE43 - September 2011
Murdoch's Australian and the shaping of the nation

Quarterly Essay 42: Fair Share
QE42 - June 2011
Country and city in Australia

Quarterly Essay 41: The Happy Life
QE41 - March 2011
The search for contentment in the modern world

Quarterly Essay 40: Trivial Pursuit
QE40 - November 2010
Leadership and the end of the reform era

Quarterly Essay 39: Power Shift
QE39 - August 2010
Australia's future between Washington and Beijing

Quarterly Essay 38: Power Trip
QE38 - June 2010
The political journey of Kevin Rudd

Quarterly Essay 37: What's Right?
QE37 - March 2010
The future of conservatism in Australia

Quarterly Essay 36: Australian Story
QE36 - November 2009
Kevin Rudd and the lucky country

Quarterly Essay 35: Radical Hope
QE35 - September 2009
Education and equality for Australia

Quarterly Essay 34: Stop At Nothing
QE34 - June 2009
The life and adventures of Malcolm Turnbull

Quarterly Essay 33: Quarry Vision
QE33 - March 2009
Coal, climate change and the end of the resource boom

Quarterly Essay 32: American Revolution
QE32 - November 2008
The fall of Wall Street and the rise of Barack Obama

Quarterly Essay 31: Now or Never
QE31 - September 2008
A sustainable future for Australia?

Quarterly Essay 30: Last Drinks
QE30 - June 2008
The impact of the Northern Territory intervention

Quarterly Essay 29: Love and Money
QE29 - March 2008
The family and the free market

Quarterly Essay 28: Exit Right
QE28 - December 2007
The unravelling of John Howard

Quarterly Essay 27: Reaction Time
QE27 - September 2007
Climate change and the nuclear option

Quarterly Essay 26: His Master's Voice
QE26 - May 2007
The corruption of public debate under Howard

Quarterly Essay 25: Bipolar Nation
QE25 - March 2007
How to win the 2007 election

Quarterly Essay 24: No Fixed Address
QE24 - November 2006
Nomads and the fate of the planet

Quarterly Essay 23: The History Question
QE23 - September 2006
Who owns the past?

Quarterly Essay 22: Voting for Jesus
QE22 - June 2006
Christianity and politics in Australia

Quarterly Essay 21: What's Left?
QE21 - March 2006
The death of social democracy

Quarterly Essay 20: A Time for War
QE20 - December 2005
Australia as a military power

Quarterly Essay 19: Relaxed & Comfortable
QE19 - August 2005
The Liberal Party's Australia

Quarterly Essay 18: The Worried Well
QE18 - June 2005
The depression epidemic and the medicalisation of our sorrows

Quarterly Essay 17: 'Kangaroo Court'
QE17 - March 2005
Family law in Australia

Quarterly Essay 16: Breach of Trust
QE16 - December 2004
Truth, morality and politics

Quarterly Essay 15: Latham's World
QE15 - September 2004
The new politics of the outsiders

Quarterly Essay 14: Mission Impossible
QE14 - June 2004
The sheikhs, the U.S. and the future of Iraq

Quarterly Essay 13: Sending Them Home
QE13 - December 2003
Refugees and the new politics of indifference

Quarterly Essay 12: Made in England
QE12 - November 2003
Australia's British inheritance

Quarterly Essay 11: Whitefella Jump Up
QE11 - August 2003
The shortest way to nationhood

Quarterly Essay 10: Bad Company
QE10 - June 2003
The cult of the CEO

Quarterly Essay 9: Beautiful Lies
QE9 - March 2003
Population and environment in Australia

Quarterly Essay 8: Groundswell
QE8 - November 2002
The rise of the Greens

Quarterly Essay 7: Paradise Betrayed
QE7 - September 2002
West Papua's struggle for independence

Quarterly Essay 6: Beyond Belief
QE6 - August 2002
What future for Labor?

Quarterly Essay 5: Girt By Sea
QE5 - March 2002
Australia, the refugees and the politics of fear

Quarterly Essay 4: Rabbit Syndrome
QE4 - December 2001
Australia and America

Quarterly Essay 3: The Opportunist
QE3 - October 2001
John Howard and the triumph of reaction

Quarterly Essay 2: Appeasing Jakarta
QE2 - June 2001
Australia's complicity in the East Timor tragedy

Quarterly Essay 1: In Denial
QE1 - April 2001
The stolen generations and the Right