Dr David Corlett has worked with refugees and asylum seekers for about two decades as a case worker, researcher and advisor. He is the co-author of Quarterly Essay 13: Sending Them Home – Refugees and the New Politics of Indifference (with Robert Manne). His writing has also appeared in the UNSW Law Journal, the Monthly, the Age and the Canberra Times.


In Sending Them Home, Robert Manne tells the stories of individual asylum seekers and finds in their experience the seeds of a devastating critique.
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Manne’s work on this issue acted as a circuit-breaker… [he] challenged us as a society to reassert the claims of decency.

The Bulletin with Newsweek

Quarterly Essay has done a considerable service by pointing out how far the world has strayed from its original principles.

Canberra Times

The writing burns with a controlled rage, but eschews flames of righteous indignation.

Peter Mares, The Age

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