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Tim Flannery is the author of more than a dozen books, including The Future Eaters, Throwim Way LegThe Weather MakersNow or Never and Here on Earth. In 2007, he was the Australian of the Year. He is currently Chief Commissioner of Australia’s Climate Commission.


Tim Flannery shows that Australia is now on the brink of a new wave of extinctions, which threatens to leave our national parks as “marsupial ghost towns.”
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Flannery is known as a passionate advocate for conservation, but rarely has he sounded so angry.

Fiona Capp, Sydney Morning Herald

He's a scientist of world standing, a prolific and bestselling writer, a noted explorer, passionate about the Australian environment, and believes global warming is a calamitous crisis facing us all. Tim Flannery is also a controversial, outspoken stirrer who promises … to tread on toes if he has to, to get his blunt views across.

Kerry O'Brien, The 7:30 Report

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