Raimond Gaita
Raimond Gaita

Raimond Gaita is professor of moral philosophy at King’s College, University of London and foundation professor of philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. In 2007, his award-winning memoir Romulus, My Father was turned into a feature film starring Eric Bana and Franka Potente. His other books include Good and Evil: An Absolute ConceptionA Common HumanityThe Philosopher’s DogWhy the War Was Wrong (as editor and contributor) and Quarterly Essay 16: Breach of Trust – Truth, Morality and Politics.

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Quarterly Essay 16: Breach of Trust
Truth, morality and politics

In Breach of Trust: Truth, Morality and Politics, Raimond Gaita confronts essential questions about politics as it is practised today. What do politicians mean when they talk about "trust"? Why is truthfulness important? Are we as politically and morally divided as the Americans? Does the war on terror authorise leaders to do things that once were considered beyond the pale?